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British and American Media Focus on Overseas Business of TusHoldings, Highlighting Science Parks and Offshore Wind PowerPrint

Post Time:2017-12-25 14:56:36

With the further implementation of the internationalized development strategy of TusHoldings, the overseas business development of TusHoldings and its member enterprises has attract wide attention of the international society. So far, the business development of TusHoldings in UK has been reported by several European and American media. Among them, a report of PR Newswire on TusPark S&T’s investment into Biosceptre was reprinted by nearly a hundred overseas media such as EnvironmentGuru and KAIT ABC, and triggered heated discussion in the field of biotechnology. Some selected sections of these reports are given below. 

PR Newswire: TusPark S&T Makes Investment into Biosceptre

PR Newswire: On December 15, 2017, BiosceptreInternational Limited (“Biosceptre”) became the first biotech company invested by TusPark S&T in UK, which will have new revolutionary influence on cancer treatment. 

Biosceptre is a Cambridge, UK headquartered biotechnology company focused on developing next generation cancer treatments targeting nfP2X 7, an oncology target with exquisite specificity. Biosceptre’s clinical programs include systemic antibody-based therapeutics and vaccines, intended to treat a significant range of cancer types. With one successful Phase I trial completed, Biosceptre will be progressing a number of clinical trials across a range of cancer indications. These trials will seek to further advance the establishment of nfP2X 7 as a new and important target for the successful treatment of a range of human cancers.

PharmaVentures Capital Limited provides consulting services for Biosceptre. Fintan Walton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PharmaVentures, said: “This investment by the Chinese company Tuspark S&T in Biosceptre represents a significant landmark for UK’s Biotechnology sector.”

Kltv: Biosceptre Welcomes TusPark S&T into its Series A Fund Raising Round

Kltv: On December 14, 2017, Biosceptre in England received investment mainly from TusPark S&T Service Group through its investment vehicle Bluesky Partnership II LP.

Biosceptre CEO Gavin Currie said, “After a period of extensive preclinical work to establish the validity of the novel oncology target nfP2X 7 for systemic therapies, the Biosceptre board is very pleased to see the company achieve this significant milestone. The work we have done to date on exploitation of nfP2X 7 as a therapeutic target has shown incredible promise, and we are now very eager to generate in-human formal clinical trial results that bear out that promise.” He also emphasized, “Biosceptre welcomes Tuspark as they become a strategic shareholder, and looks forward to working closely with them.”

At the board’s direction, Biosceptre will apply the funding to progression of the company’s highest priority clinical assets into Phase I and II trials in Australia. A Phase I trial of the peptide vaccine BIL06v is scheduled to start at three sites in Sydney, Australia in 2018. Biosceptre anticipates announcing clinical milestones and results over the next 18 months, which would, if favourable, facilitate an IPO or trade sale as early as 2019.

Energylivenews: UK Could Benefit £220m from Wind Collaboration with China

In a report of Energylivenews on December 18, 2017, it is stated that The UK could benefit by as much as £220 million from collaborating on innovative offshore wind opportunities with China.

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, UK, together with Tus-Wind Technology Co., Ltd. and TusPark Newcastle, has sponsored Britain-China Technological Development Accelerator to promote development of offshore wind technology, to drive the innovation of SMEs in UK, and to expand the business layout in Chinese offshore wind market. This accelerator will set Tus-Marine Technology Research Institute and Shandong Offshore Wind Demonstration Project in cooperation with some partners.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Chief Executive Officer, Professor Philip Nelson, said, “The UK and China have already made great strides in the development of offshore wind technologies. And this agreement will allow researchers from both countries to further maximise the impact of new approaches that will deliver both an efficient energy source and environmental benefits.”

Chroniclelive: Newcastle Business Park to Give UK Firms Access to Massive Chinese Energy Market

On December 15, it was reported by the British media Chroniclelive that TusPark Newcastle, which opened recently, would help the advanced technologies in UK to get into the growing wind power market in China. 

Recently, TusPark Newcastle was working with Chinese firm Tus-Wind and the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to jointly develop the huge energy market by installing cutting-edged technology into wind farms across China.

TusPark Newcastle, which is based on Grainger Street, was launched earlier this year by TusHoldings, the first hundred-billion grade scientific and technological service enterprise in China, to help the region’s tech firms scale-up and access the Chinese market. TusPark Newcastle recently unveiled the world’s first IoT accelerator programme, which will see it invest no less than £50,000 into 10 UK technology companies. The total investment could eventually grow up to £10m.

Through a collaboration signed in China by the UK Secretary of the State for Business Greg Clark, TusHoldings will now help develop the Tus-Offshore Wind Science Park and demonstrator in Shandong Province. The UK is set to deliver between 10% and 15% of the technology being used in the demonstrator project, leading to UK firms pocketing around £220m.

Greg Clark said, “The UK is established as a leader in offshore wind which is helping us lead the world in transitioning to a low carbon economy and in meeting our climate commitments, while we grow the economy and create jobs.” He also said, “International research collaboration and clean growth are key to our modern industrial strategy and the agreement signed today will help to advance co-operation on offshore technologies with one of our largest global trading partners, unlocking further opportunities for projects across the UK and the rest of the world.”

Zhuocun LIN, President of TusPark Holdings (UK), said, “TusPark specializes in technology commercialization, investment service and industrial collaboration. With our model of ‘Twin Parks in Two Countries’, we are looking forward to helping some of the most innovative UK companies to develop business in China, so as to facilitate collaborations between these two countries.”