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The Theory-discussing Meeting 2007 Is Held in TusPark Co., Ltd.Print

Post Time:2007-09-18

To enhance the management and business ability of the company, and make it more standard and excellent, “The Principle-discussing Meeting 2007 of Principle Co., Ltd.” was held in Weihai City, Shandong Province from September 13 to 15, attended by a total of 70-plus people including Mei Meng, Board Chairman of the Company, Xu Jinghong, president of the Company, Luo Jianbei, senior vice president of the Company and high/middle level managers from the headquarters as well as major principals from all branches.

The meeting was presided by president Xu Jinghong, the theme was the discussion of the problem on the management system and operation mechanism with the consideration of overall development strategy, in which, the managers from the headquarters and institutions concerned heard the theme reports on the solution of scientific innovation and entrepreneur environment, resources construction, technology transfer, human resources, investment management, real estate business, and finance management. Participants had warm and deep discussions about the future business development strategy, core competitiveness and other issues of the company.

Board chairman Mei Meng, made introduction of “the Summer Davos 2007, China”, pointing out that Tsinghua Science Park will devote itself to creating global growing enterprise community, to foster a batch of “global growing enterprises”, and presented the important significance of the company’s breakthrough on the leaping development of the enterprises in the Park (especially the Enterprises in the Diamond Program) starting from the story of Tan Zhi.

In the final concluding speech, president Xu Jinghong, reviewed the achievements made by the company since its establishment, deeply analyzed the change and new problem confronted by the company in terms of partner, international influence, project obtaining mode and relationship with clients from the angle of the business of science park, commercial real estate and investment, discussed and stated the enterprise culture, business forms and incentive system. President Xu pointed out, the major problem confronted by the company was the contradiction between the many development opportunities and insufficient self-capital scale. Therefore, listing on the stock market was the only solution to realize the substantive change of the capital of the company and made Tuspark bigger and stronger. He also required the core management team of the company to improve their whole thoughts, continued to keep the pioneering spirit of hardworking and thrifty, and set themselves as good examples to create better tomorrow.

The meeting was well arranged by the leaders of Weihai City and Weihai Torch Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone (WHTDZ). During the meeting. Cui Yuecheng the party secretary of Weihai and LiuYudang, vice party secretary of Weihai, Xia Xinhua and Liu Qinxian the party secretary and vice party secretary of Weihai Hi-Tech zone, and other leaders met the senior managers of the company and all participants respectively. The leaders spoke highly of the role played by the Science Park in promoting the scientific innovation of Weihai Torch Hi-Tech Zone, Weihai City and Shandong Province, and its contribution to the economic development, and affirmed the achievements made by the team of Tsinghua Science Park .