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TusPark Newcastle, UK Formally OpenedPrint

Post Time:2018-05-14 15:23:08

A few days ago, an opening event of TusPark Newcastle was successfully held in UK. JIANG Sunan, Minister-counsellor for Science and Technology Affairs, Chinese Embassy in UK, Nick Forbes, Council Chairman of Newcastle City, YANG Ming, President of Tus-Science & Technology Service Group, David Sheppard, Supervisor of Asia, Ministry of International Trade of UK, Nick Wright, Vice President of Newcastle University, Steven Kyffin, Vice President of Northumbria University in Newcastle, and Chris Forrest, Supervisor of Commercial Banking Department of Barclays Bank, attended the event, and LIN Zhuocun, President of TusPark Holdings UK, chaired the event. 

YANG Ming, President of Tus-Science & Technology Service Group, is giving a speech.

As the first speaker, YANG Ming extended a warm welcome to the participants. He mentioned that Newcastle was a pioneer city in the industrial revolution, and one of the most important cities in Northern England. At present, TusPark Newcastle has successfully undertaken some projects of Innovate UK such as IoT Accelerator Project, and has initiated strategic cooperation with innovation organizations in UK such as ORE Catapult and Barclays Bank. Relying on the global innovation network and sound innovation ecosystem of TusHoldings, TusPark Newcastle will help startup enterprises and innovation organizations in UK to be further acquainted with China, provide Chinese perspective and create Chinese value for them, and meet a “golden age” of China-UK cooperation together with them.

Nick Forbes, Council Chairman of Newcastle City, is giving a speech.

Nick Forbes extended sincere congratulations to the opening of TusPark Newcastle on behalf of Newcastle City. He introduced that Newcastle had many universities such as Newcastle University and Northumbria University, had remarkable personnel advantage, and had a strong scientific research foundation in many aspects such as renewable energy, marine engineering, health and medicine. He believed that settlement of TusPark Newcastle would further improve the local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, facilitate industrialization of research findings and transformation and upgrading of industries, and provide a new driving force for economic growth.

JIANG Sunan, Minister-counsellor for Science and Technology Affairs, Chinese Embassy in UK, is giving a speech.

JIANG Sunan expressed that, as representatives of eastern and western traditional civilizations, China and UK should march on hand in hand to meet the historic opportunities; UK had expressed the intention of “jointly driving UK and China toward the global comprehensive strategic partnership in the 21st century” together with China; as a leading enterprise in scientific and technological services, TusHoldings should bring into full play the function of bridge and tie during the process of promoting China-UK cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, and continue making contribution to China-UK cooperation in high-tech fields.

The guests are giving speeches.

After that, Nick Wright, Vice President of Newcastle University, and Steven Kyffin, Vice President of Northumbria University in Newcastle, gave speeches in turn. They expressed that TusHoldings was not only an outstanding one in the enterprises run by Tsinghua University, but also a model of enterprises run by universities in the world, and made continuous contribution to Tsinghua University in talent cultivation, commercialization of research findings, and building of innovation ecosystem. They wished that TusPark Newcastle could provide support for the universities in Newcastle, and helped the universities to initiate in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University and other Chinese universities in talent cultivation, joint development and innovation & entrepreneurship related education in the future by virtue of the innovation network of TusHoldings. David Sheppard expressed appreciation for the support provided by TusHoldings for the Ministry of International Trade in the past, and expected to increase the content of science and technology in China-UK trading and cooperation by virtue of the close cooperation with TusHoldings. Chris Forrest introduced Eagle Lab subordinate to Barclays Bank, and expressed that Eagle Lab had established 14 innovation bases throughout UK, had served more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and more than 200 startup enterprises, and had become one of the most active and characteristic incubation networks. He declared on the site that Eagle Lab and TusPark Newcastle had reached a cooperation intention, were negotiating about some details, and would jointly provide high-quality services for local entrepreneurs in Newcastle soon. 

Signing of a MoU (top left), a speech being given by Professor XIONG Yu (top right), a themed forum (bottom left), and the audience (bottom right).

During the event, TusPark Newcastle released an incubator project together with ORE Catapult, signed a MoU with Digital Catapult, and awarded a letter of engagement to Professor XIONG Yu of Northumbria University to engage him as a “strategic adviser”. The participants, including enterprise representatives of Tus-UK IoT Accelerator Program and representatives of relevant partners, talked about “how can TusPark help British enterprises enter China”. Leon Doyle, CEO of WIFIPLUG, and James Blackwood, COO of SIMPLIFAI, shared their opinions on how to build connections with Chinese partners through the ecosystem of TusHoldings; Dr. Chong from ORE Catapult shared the opportunities and challenges met during the settlement of that company in China by virtue of its cooperation with Tus-Wind.

LIN Zhuocun, President of TusPark Holdings UK, is giving a speech.

At last, LIN Zhuocun expressed sincere thanks to the participants for their long-term support. He mentioned that TusPark Newcastle would continuously bring into full play the rich experience of TusPark in scientific and technological service, effectively combine its resources with the R&D and industrial advantages of Newcastle in digital technology, marine economy and biomedicine, continuously integrate innovation elements of China and UK such as government, enterprises, colleges, research institutes, financial institutions, intermediary organs, trade companies and media, accurately link with the market demands in China by promoting the cooperation between the two parks and between the two countries, better help British enterprises and institutions to settle down in China, and better serve industrial development of China using British technologies.

A group photo of guests

Extended reading

TusPark Newcastle is established and operated by, among others, Tus-Science & Technology Service Group. With office space of 4,000m2 or so, it is located in downtown area of Newcastle City, England, close to the railway station that is a central traffic hub of the city, and about 5 minutes of walk from major shopping centers and universities. So far, TusPark Newcastle has built a close connection and cooperation with many innovation institutions in UK, and has applied for and completed the IoT Accelerator Project of Innovate UK, which helped 10 IoT enterprises to link with industrial and investment resources in China, promoted effective interaction between British technologies and Chinese market, and accelerated settlement of British enterprises in China.