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Chairman Jiwu WANG Visits Russia and Attends a Symposium with President PutinPrint

Post Time:2018-05-28

A few days ago, upon the invitation from Sovereign Fund of Russia, a delegation led by Jiwu WANG, Chairman of TusHoldings, visited Russia and attended the 22nd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Russian parties paid close attention to this visit of Chairman Jiwu WANG, and received the delegation with extraordinary hospitality.

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an economic event with the largest scale, the longest history and the widest influence in Russia. Qishan WANG, Vice President of China, Macron, President of France, Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, Lagarde, Chairman of International Monetary Fund, and more than 1,000 economic scholars and business leaders across the world attended this forum.

Jiwu WANG (the second from left in the back row), Chairman of TusHoldings, and Putin (the ninth from left in the back row), President of Russia, are attending a symposium.

On the night of May 24, President Putin had a symposium in Konstantin Palace beside Finland Bay in St. Petersburg with representatives of large-scale investment enterprises and scientific and technological innovation organizations from 23 countries including China, US, France, Japan, and so on. At this symposium, President Putin expressed to the representatives of the Chinese enterprises that actively participate in scientific and technological innovation construction of Russia, namely Guangshao TU, General Manager of China Investment Corporation, and Jiwu WANG, Chairman of TusHoldings, that the cooperation between China and Russia in scientific and technological innovation was a very important component of the Russia-China strategic partnership jointly advocated by him and President Jinping XI, and that he encouraged the high-tech innovation enterprises in Russia to expand and deepen the cooperation with Chinese partners.  

On the afternoon of May 25, Chairman Jiwu Wang signed on behalf of TusHoldings a material cooperation agreement with Foreign Economy and Development Bank of Russia at the main venue of the forum. During the visit, Chairman Jiwu WANG also had a meeting with Arkady Dvorkovich, former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and current Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation, and Kirill Dmitriev, President of Sovereign Fund of Russia (Russian Direct Investment Fund). 

In consideration of the complex international economic and political situations at present, Chairman WANG Jiwu expressed that Russia had its own advantages as an emerging economy, and would have closer and closer economic cooperation with China as the most important country along the Belt and Road; TusHoldings should actively respond to national calls, grasp the historical opportunities, make positive efforts to realize a global layout, and help to solve the problem of insufficient down-to-earth cooperation between China and Russia in the field of high-tech innovation by virtue of its rich experience and resources in scientific and technological innovation service.