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President Putin Talks with Chairman Jiwu WANG about the Future of Russia-China Cooperation in Scientific and Technological InnovationPrint

Post Time:2018-09-13

On September 11, the 4th Eastern Economic Forum of Russia was held in Vladivostok, a Far East city. On the afternoon of the same day, representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprisers invited by the forum organizers attended the symposium with President Putin. Chairman Jiwu WANG attended the symposium upon invitation and spoke at the symposium together with five other Chinese and foreign enterprisers.

Scene of the symposium

At the beginning of the symposium, President Putin welcomed the representatives of enterprisers from all over the world and thanked them for their attention to and investment in Russia. President Putin said: “Today’s meeting is a small-scale and relaxed meeting. I hope you can communicate frankly with me on issues of concern to you.”

After the speeches of Jack MA, Chairman of Alibaba, Bixin ZHU, President of China Chengtong Holding Group, and others, President Putin said, “I’m going to meet with President XI Jinping of China, so only one more entrepreneur will be invited to speak. I’d like to leave this opportunity to the representative of TusHoldings from China.”

Chairman Jiwu WANG (left) at the symposium

Chairman Jiwu WANG firstly thanked President Putin for the opportunity to speak. He said: “I am very honored to see the President again. It is only a hundred and ten days since I met with the President last time. In these days, TusHoldings’ team in charge of the cooperation with Russia carried out efficient collaboration with our partner Russian Direct Investment Fund, and we made remarkable achievements. Mr. Kirill Dmitriev, Chairman of Russian Direct Investment Fund, and I directly led the negotiation between the two parties, and we had quite tacit cooperation. Using this opportunity, I can just make a report to the President.”

Chairman Jiwu WANG said: “Today, TusHoldings signed three agreements on two projects with RDIF and CIC; one is a project on the joint establishment of the first joint venture capital fund between China and Russia, and the other is a project on the joint construction of science park in Moscow. We are studying together with our partners the feasibility of constructing more science parks in several places in the two countries, so as to form a network of mutual support, to expand the scale of the venture capital fund, to build exchange platform for small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises in the two countries, and to assist my alma mater Tsinghua University in deepening the cooperation with Moscow University in the field of industrialization of technological achievements.”

“Mr. President, the enterprise I lead focuses on scientific and technological innovation, which needs long-term investment and perseverance. What do you think about the cooperation between China and Russia in the field of scientific and technological innovation?” Chairman Jiwu WANG said at the end of his speech.

President Putin responded positively to the speech of Chairman Jiwu WANG. He said, “I know the business of TusHoldings is not limited to scientific and technological innovation services, but also includes development of scientific and technological industry. We are providing supports for the development of TusHoldings in Russia.” President Putin fully agreed to Chairman Jiwu WANG’s view that scientific and technological innovation is a long-term process, and expressed that the cooperation between China and Russia in the field of scientific and technological innovation would be long-term and strategic cooperation, and would never be left unfinished. In his personal opinion, more attention should be paid to the scientific and technological fields of information technology, artificial intelligence and life sciences in future. 

Some Russian entrepreneurs such as Igor Shuvalov, Chairman of Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs, one of the partners of TusHoldings, also attended the symposium.