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Former Prime Minister of Georgia and Chairman of Compass Group Visit TusHoldingsPrint

Post Time:2018-09-28

On September 26, Chairman Jiwu WANG had a symposium with the delegation led by Irakli Garibashvili, former Prime Minister of Georgia, and Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Group, in TusPark, Beijing. The two parties exchanged opinions on strengthening the cooperation among Georgia, Compass Group and TusHoldings and jointly promoting the development of scientific and technological industries in Georgia. 

Scene of the symposium

Irakli Garibashvili, former Prime Minister of Georgia, is giving a speech.

At the symposium, Irakli Garibashvili said that in recent years the relationship between China and Georgia had been greatly strengthened. “I believe that the future of the world is in China. Although Georgia is a smaller country, it has important geopolitical position. It is vital for Georgia to strengthen cooperation with China,” he said. He also pointed out that Georgia had signed agreement on free trade zone with China, and had initiated cooperation with China in many fields; TusHoldings took a globally leading position in the field of science and technology, which was just in the demand of Georgia; he expected to strengthen cooperation with TusHoldings through the bridge built by Compass Group, so as to help Georgia build innovation and entrepreneurship platforms and promote the innovative development of Georgia in the fields of scientific and technological industries, education, and so on. 

Chairman Ronen Dagon is giving a speech.

Chairman Ronen Dagon expressed that, since a strategic cooperation agreement was signed 2017, Compass Group and TusHoldings had kept a close cooperation relationship. He said, “Compass Group is from Israel and Israel has rich scientific and technological resources. In China, TusHoldings is a symbol of science and technology and has the best resource system. Georgia can develop the technology industry by virtue of the strengths of the two parties.” He also pointed out that Georgia had good foundation and national policy support for development of science and technology, and he expected to promote the development of scientific and technological industries together with TusHoldings in future.

Chairman Jiwu WANG is giving a speech. 

Chairman Jiwu WANG pointed out that TusHoldings had built hundreds of innovation bases in the world by virtue of the unique “clustering innovation” concept developed by it, and had developed a global innovation ecosystem with leading scale; at the same time, TusHoldings strengthened the investment in emerging industries, and built systematic fund investment industry to continuously enhance its strength in scientific and technological service. Taking the cooperation project involving offshore wind technology of UK and bamboo vane technology of TusHoldings for example, Chairman Jiwu WANG explained that “scientific and technological innovation must be open and cross-industry, and scientific and technological integration even needs the leadership of national organizations.” He pointed out that science and technology had no borders, and TusHoldings could develop suitable innovative development mode for Georgia, expand its cooperation with other counties using a global view, and promote the strategic transformation and upgrading of Georgia. 

Group photo of the participants

Before the symposium, the delegation led by Irakli Garibashvili and Ronen Dagon also visited TusStar incubator and TusHoldings digital showroom to comprehensively understand the innovation ecosystem of TusHoldings and the development conditions of “Science Park, S&T Industry, and S&T Finance”. 

Visiting TusHoldings digital showroom

Senior Strategic Adviser of the Prime Minster of Georgia, Advise of Georgian government, Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass Group, Sam, Director of Compass Group, Yuefei WANG, Adviser of Compass, Yao LIU, Business Development Manager of Compass Beijing, Business Development VP of Compass Group, Yongfu XU and XXX, Marketing Managers of Compass, Peng DU, Vice President of TusHoldings, Xiaowei MA, Senior Vice President of TusHoldings and President of TusCity Group, and Ming YANG, President of Tus-Science & Technology Service Group, also participated in the above-mentioned activities.