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A Visit of Mongolian Presidential Adviser Bayartuul Lundeg and His Entourage to TusHoldingsPrint

Post Time:2018-12-22

Recently, Bayartuul Lundeg, Mongolian Presidential Adviser, Navaantay BatOchir, Counselor of Mongolian Embassy in China, Saran Gowa, Board Chairman of Environmental Technology Co., Ltd and other entourages visited TusHoldings, and DU Peng, Vice President of TusHoldings, MA Huiming, Board Chairman of TusHoldings Inner Mongolia, and the heads of related business segments of TusHoldings met the guests, and held a symposium with them on cooperation in Mongolia.

Du Peng gave his welcoming remarks. He introduced the overall situation of the global layout of TusHoldings as China’s largest company in the field of science and technology service. According to him, TusHoldings, with a global innovation ecosystem network wishes to cooperate with Mongolia in transferring TusHoldings’ experience and achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation to Mongolia.

Bayartuul Lundeg said that Mongolia was building a well-planned new tech town called Maider City near the capital Ulaanbaatar, so as to achieve sustainable national and urban development. This construction project is similar to Xiong’an New District of China. And it is hoped to develop this city into a real future city. She mentioned, “The current planning has been completed. And the construction of the infrastructure, such as airports, highways and railways, has started. We hope to cooperate with TusHoldings and its business segments to create a technological innovation environment and various technological demonstration applications.”

Based on the construction needs of Maider City as indicated by Bayartuul Lundeg, the heads of the various business segments of TusHoldings introduced the relevant cooperation ideas. MA Huiming, Board Chairman of TusHoldings Inner Mongolia, introduced the ideas and prospects of cooperation between TusHoldings Inner Mongolia and Mongolia; SUN Bin, President of Tus-Clean Energy Group, said that corresponding services could be provided in the fields of centralized and distributed heating systems, clean energy utilization, sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, etc., so as to jointly meet the needs of heating, power system upgrade and smog & water pollution control in Mongolia; LIU Yaoda, Executive CEO of Tus-Digital Group, proposed that cooperation could be done in respect of Mongolia’s needs for big data processing, cloud computing, data storage, etc.; HOU Lin, Vice President of TusCity Group, expressed his intention to provide Mongolia with the experience in development and operation of new tech towns; HU Zhe, Senior Vice President of Tus-Design Group, said that cooperation could be done in in-depth planning and design; LIU Xueliang, Deputy General Manager of TusStar, introduced the services of the incubator, such as transformation of technical achievements from the university and business incubation for young talents, and the related cooperation ideas. ZHANG Feng, Senior Vice President of Tus-NationSky, said that they could jointly build a mechanism and jointly carry out mobile network and information security business in Mongolia.

Before the symposium, Vice President DU Peng and Board Chairman MA Huiming showed the visiting guests of Mongolia around Tus Digital Showroom and TusSar Incubator.