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A “Candidate Diamond” Enterprise in Tsinghua Science Park Wins '2007 Red Herring Asia TOP 100 AwardPrint

Post Time:2007-08-29

On August 29, world-famous investment wind vane journal “Red Herring” disclosed its list of “2007 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Most potential scientific VC Investment Companies” in Hong Kong, China. Chinese All, an enterprise in Tsinghua Science Park, one of first enterprises to be short-listed in “Diamond Plan” won the title of “2007 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Most potential scientific VC investment Companies”, standing out from over 500 applying

enterprises and 200 short-listed enterprises competing for the Top 100.

As one of short-listed enterprises of “Diamond Plan” of Tsinghua Science Park, Chinese All has been devoting itself to providing several digital reading service for millions of readers, with significant advantages in electronic book content field. It has become the largest owner of Chinese electronic book, and is the only company that has been certified by the State-level copyright management institution. Before winning the award of “Red Herring Asia Top 100”, Chinese All also achieved many other great titles, such as “The First-Choice Brand of Digital Library in Chinese Education Field”, “Top 10 Brands of Education Software of Chinese Educational Technology Association”, and “The Most Professional Independent WAP Site in Excellent Book Category”.

 “Red Herring Asia Top 100” award has been launched two times until now; its professional appraisal team evaluates short-listed enterprises in terms of quality and quantity, and evaluation basis mainly includes executive degree, management level, scientific innovation and financial performances.

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About “Red Herring”

Red Herring Company is an world-famous global economic media company, and it is reputed for its innovative technology, VC investment and media “Red Herring” Journal created by the company is considered as an investment wind vane in the profession, and is a scientific weekly for entrepreneurs, investors and profession observers of global scientific field in United States. It is especially famous for forward looking analysis to help its readers prepare development strategy, establish and develop enterprises and create core competitiveness. There is also an eye-catching activity of “Red Herring”, it selects world top 100 in scientific field each year. From 2005, “Red Herring” began to look for top 100 scientific star enterprises in Asia (Red Herring 2005 Asia Top 100 Scientific Enterprises).

About “Red Herring Asia Top 100”

“Red Herring Asia Top 100” boasts the reputation of “Silicon Valley Bible”; its purpose is to select 100 unlisted companies with the most forward looking and growing performances in Hi-Tech field in Asia, and attract world attention to these companies. The selection basis mainly includes scientific innovation, management team, current market status, investment, consumption demand and financial status. “Red Herring Asia TOP 100” is selected once a year, and awarded to unlisted technology companies with good performances in IT market, and is the list of unlisted technology companies with most market influences. According to the introduction of Red Herring, only those technology companies that succeed in technology, innovation and market strategy in current most challenging technology market can be selected as “Red Herring Asia Top 100”.