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Chief Director Mei Meng Attends Zhongguancun Development ForumPrint

Post Time:2007-09-06

The opening ceremony of tenth Zhongguancun Computer Festival i.e. Zhongguancun Development Forum was held in Shiji Jinyuan Hotel in Haidian district in Beijing in the afternoon on 5 September, Mei Meng, director of Development Center of Tuspark and chief director of Tuspark Co., Ltd, delivered speech titled as “Mutual Interactivity, Mutual Benefit” in which the mutual compensation, mutual interactivity and mutual benefit between production and research was intensively interpreted. President Mei said that, such aspects as government support, university cooperation, corporate interactivity, service of intermediary body can form a innovative platform on which the enterprises possessing independent core technology can grow into diamond enterprises to make contribution in building a innovative country.

Later, president Mei presided the industry forum featured as “The Innovation and Development of Zhongguancun Park and Leadership of Top-End Industries”. Also invited were Jiang Xiaodan, Board Chairman and president of Beijing Smartdot Technology Development Company, and Zhang Hui, chief director and CEO of Beijing Innofidei Technology Company, both companies are the incubatees of Tsing-Hua science park.