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First Council Meeting of Zhongguancun University Science Park UnionPrint

Post Time:2007-09-06

On the afternoon of September 4, first council meeting of Zhongguancun University Science Park Union was held in Tuspark Club of Tsinghua Science Park. Xia Yingqi, vice director of the management committee of Zhongguancun Science Parks attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting was chaired by Li Jun, secretary-general of the Union, and deputy general manager of Beihang Science Park. Xu Jinghong, the council director, and president of Tuspark Co., Ltd. delivered speeches. During the meeting, Union Office introduced key work points of the Union, various activities organized by the Union, column setup of the Union website and work bulletin, special magazine planning of University Science Park Union, and the topic construction of the Union. The directors of the Union then reviewed and discussed the work of the Union.

After the review and discussion, Director Xia gave a favorable comment on the work of Union. He pointed out in the speech that Zhongguancun had very significant scientific and educational advantages, personnel advantages and information advantages in technical innovation, high technology development and industrialization, and University Science Parks had played non-replaceable role in this area. He hoped that related resources of university science parks could be better integrated with the Union platform to make more contribution to fast economic development of Zhongguancun Science Parks and the capital. At the same time, the work of Union should give a corresponding return to various university science parks, and the work of various university science parks should also make contribution to the universities. Only in this way, can the Union and university science parks realize sustainable development. The management committee will always give strong support to the work of Zhongguancun University Science Park Union, including supports in capital, policy, organization and activity construction, said Director Xia. Finally, Director Xia hoped that the Union could develop itself better and more quickly under the joint effort of various member institution, and gradually become the new highlights of scientific development in Zhongguancun.