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"Candidate Diamond" Enterprise in TusPark Releases Its First commercial AVS Decoding chipPrint

Post Time:2007-09-03

On the evening of August 27, Spreadtrum Communications, Inc., an enterprise in Tsinghua Science Park and one of first candidate enterprises in “Diamond Plan”, released first commercial AVS audio/video decoding chip – SV6111 in the world. With the release of this chip, the company made breakthrough in the development of audio/video chips.

AVS is an audio/video coding and decoding standard developed by China itself. SV6111 products possess all coding functions defined in AVS standard, and can support MPEG-2 standard. SV6111 products adopt advanced Soc technology, integrating the key software and hardware processing system. Therefore, it is the first Soc AVS audio/video decoding chip with powerful processing capability and multimedia functions, featuring low cost and low power consumption. SV6111 performs excellently in external field testing, and its performance is stable; it can be used in IPTV, digital TV, digital satellite TV and DMB-T transmission standard. Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. has begun to manufacture SV6111 samples, and is expected to release commercial products for its customers soon.

AVS is the second-generation signal source coding standard that China has its own intellectual property right. The successful release of SV6111 products indicates the strong support of Spreadtrum Communications to China’s own standard.