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Tsinghua Science Park delegation visits ATLANPOLE Science Park of Nantes in the west of FrancePrint

Post Time:2007-07-03

On June 28, a 4-member delegation of Tsinghua Science Park headed by Chen Hongbo, the vice president of Tuspark Co., Ltd., visited Nantes ATLANPOLE Science Park, 300 kilometers southwest of Paris, France.

The delegation of Tsinghua Science Park held over 2-hr talk with the management of the park, and both parties explored and discussed the issues such as the management of parks, service models of enterprises in parks, contact and interaction with local universities and research institutions. Later, the delegation visited the incubators and polytechnical college of the park.

ATLANPOLE Science Park was established in 1987, consisting of 7 science parks located in different places of the region; the management committee consisting 22 management personnel funded by the government is responsible for the administration, regulating 263 enterprises in the park. There are 850 thousand inhabitants in the region where the park is located, over 40 thousand companies and factories, 50000 students studying in the universities and colleges in the area, 2200 research and development personnel engaging in the research and development of various high technology projects.