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2007 Outstanding Sculpture Exhibition Is Held by University Graduates in Tsinghua Science ParkPrint

Post Time:2007-07-03


“2007 Outstanding Sculpture Exhibition by University Graduates”, sponsored by Chinese Sculpture Magazine, Society Art Education institution of Chinese Education, and Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, undertaken by the Sculpture Department of Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, and assisted by Tsinghua Science Park, was unveiled in the center plaza of Tsinghua Science Park on the morning of June 30 after the smooth completion of the sculpture of “Science and Art”. The exhibition’s opening ceremony was attended by Wang Mingzhi, deputy director of School Council of Tsinghua University, Li Dangqi, dean of Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, Cao Yibing, vice-president of Tuspark Co.,Ltd. of Tsinghua Science Park, Tang Kemei, member of the national committee of CPPCC, Deputy Director-General of Beijing Branch of China Democratic League, and president of Beijing Arts and Crafts Association, Pan Gongkai, vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association and dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zeng Chenggang, vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association and president of China Sculpture Institute and other leaders; Qian Shaowu, president of the Sculpture Professional Committee of China, and famous sculptor, Zhang Ruian, secretary-general of China Council for the Promotion of Art Education and other celebrities in the art field.

Vice president Cao Yibing pointed out in his speech: thanks to the consistent pursuit for the ultimate ideal of combining the scientific spirit and human-oriented concept by Tsinghua Science Park, the “2007 Outstanding Sculpture Exhibition by University Graduates” was held there. With the clients as orientation and innovation as soul, Tsinghua Science Park aims at providing high quality and all-round service to the enterprises in it. In terms of the design of space environment and architectural design, inheriting the concept of “Green Tsinghua University”, it fully embodies the excellent combination and interaction among people, building, science & technology, environment and culture, to highlight the humanistic care. While the innovative culture of the Park was upgraded by the combination of innovative science & technology, scientific spirit concentrated on core technology and the humanistic feelings of creating innovative culture, serving enterprises and making contribution to the homeland, to build a unique and harmonious culture of Tsinghua Science Park. As the sole class A university science park in China, Tsinghua Science Park delicates itself to creating such cultural atmosphere as “happy work, happy life” for the enterprises in the Park, and providing invisible drive for the innovative development of science & technology and pioneering by talents, while carrying on the school spirit of Tsinghua University of “making unremitting efforts to improve oneself, and shouldering great responsibilities”, to endow the visible space with never-ending dream. 

After the opening ceremony, the seminar with “Direction and Mode” as the theme was held in Tsinghua University, in which, well-known artists and many art teaching staff warmly discussed about the sculpture education in the universities of China.

The exhibition was scheduled to be held from June 30, 2007 to July 10 at the center plaza of Tsinghua Science Park, with more than one hundred outstanding sculpture works by graduates from 20-plus universities nationwide including Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University exhibited there.