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TusPark Sends Delegation to Attend 24th Annual Meeting of International Association of Science ParksPrint

Post Time:2007-07-03

On the morning of July 2, 24th annual meeting of International Association of Science Parks was held in the International Conference Center of Barcelona, a coastal city in the west of Spain. Over 800 management personnel of science parks, delegates of universities and governments from 67 countries and regions in the world attended the opening ceremony. Tsinghua Science Park delegation headed by Chen Hongbo, vice president of Tuspark Co., Ltd. Zhao Dong, president assistant of Tuspark Co., Ltd. An Hong Ping, general manager of Service and Attracting Investment Center, and Ma Yangbiao general manager of enterprise incubation and technology transfer center as the members, attended the opening ceremony. There were 20 other Chinese delegates attending the opening ceremony, including delegates from Zhongguancun Science Park management committee, Haidian Park, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Zone, Hong Kong Science Park, and science parks of Taiwan Xinzhu, Taizhong and Tainan.

The theme of the meeting was “key elements of growth and competition: creative work and innovative company”. On the whole meeting schedule, more than 60 delegates gave speeches on the issues such as creative understanding, incubation and management, regional innovation, creation of innovation environment of science parks, innovative construction idea, science parks’ services to enterprises in science parks. As the delegate, delegate of Board Chairman Mei Meng, President Chen gave a speech titled “Creative innovation-‘four integration model’ of Tsinghua Science Park” in the afternoon group session, explaining visually and simply the “four integration model” of Tsinghua Science Park. His speech was highly praised by 100 delegates attending the meeting.

Before the opening ceremony, vice president Chen Hongbo and 12 directors from various places in the world took part in the council meeting of International Association of Science Park. In the meeting, setup of departments and personnel in IASP headquarter, financial condition, modification of association of articles, member changes, member fee payment, and selection and determination method of place to hold 2010 annual meeting, etc., were discussed.