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Board Chairman Mei Meng Attends the Development ForumPrint

Post Time:2007-09-29

On the afternoon of September 28, Just before the closing of “Studying Abroad and start-up in Beijing – The Week for Overseas-Chinese-Students Entrepreneur in Beijing”, “The Development Forum For The Overseas-Chinese Students Pioneer Park of Beijing” jointly held by Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau, Science and Technology Commission of Beijing, the Administration Committee of Zhongguancun, and Haidian District Government, came off in Zhongguancun Pioneer Plaza, presided by Liu Jiangping, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau, and attended by Mei Meng, director of Tsinghua Science Park Development Center, Cao Yibing, vice president, Luo Zhuo and other distinguished guests, on which, Yu Jun, deputy Chief executive of Haidian District, and Zheng Jichun, deputy director of Municipal Science & Technology Commission delivered the speech, and Chairman Mei made the theme report.

During the speech, Yu Jun, deputy chief executive of Haidian District, and Zheng Jichun, deputy director of Municipal Science & Technology Commission gave full affirmation of the achievements on the construction and development made by the Overseas Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park of Beijing, and expressed their hope on the future development. Seven experts were invited to make theme report on the forum, of which, doctor Zhang Ning of Director-General, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education, compared and expatiated the development of the incubator of the Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park and international incubators; Zhao Feng, director of Beijing Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, summed up the ten-year development history of the Overseas-Chinese-Students Pioneer Park of Beijing; doctor Yan Zhenjun, deputy director of the Office of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, expatiated the development orientation of the incubator of scientific technological enterprises from the strategic angle; professor Mei Meng, director of Development Center of Tsinghua Science Park made the theme report titled “Erecting the Entrepreneur Platform for Overseas-Chinese-Student and Fostering Global Growing Companies”; professor Gao Jian, deputy director of Chinese Pioneering Research Center of Tsinghua University, Doctor Wang Luyu, deputy director of Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Haidian District made the theme report in terms of policy, environment and theory. Besides, Mrs. Barbara L. Harley, former director and founder of International Enterprise Incubator, Silicon Valley, U.S.A., specially invited by the Forum, put forward the theory on the network of enterprise incubator based on her deep analysis and comparison of its development history.

The Forum is a significant event in the development history of the incubator, and the topic for discussion involved in its theme reports inspires the future development thought of the incubator and Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park in the new situation.