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Tsinghua Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park Attends Exhibition of 2007 AchievementsPrint

Post Time:2007-09-29

On the morning of September 27, “Studying Abroad, pioneering in Beijing – Exhibition of Achievements of Beijing Overseas-Chinese-student Entrepreneur Park” was opened in Haidian Exhibition Hall. At the same time, it also unveiled the prologue of “Week of 10th Anniversary of Overseas-Chinese-Student Pioneering in Beijing”. Tsinghua Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park, as one of first parks to be named as “Beijing Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park” was approved by relevant departments, and set up the exhibition booth in the special exhibition area. Ji Lin, the executive vice mayor of Beijing Municipality, Wang Xiaochu, the vice minister of the Ministry of Personnel of China, Ma Lin, the director of Beijing Commission of Science and Technology, visited the exhibition booth of Tsinghua Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park. Xu Jinghong, the president of Tuspark Co., Ltd., and Cao Yibing, the vice president of Tuspark, introduced the construction, characteristics and entrepreneur achievements of Tsinghua Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park to the officials.

The purpose of this activity was to publicize personnel development strategy and innovative strategy of the capital, stimulate the work enthusiasm of the entrepreneur Park and entrepreneur enthusiasm of Overseas-Chinese-Student, further improve entrepreneur service system, actively attract of high level to establish business in Beijing, and make contribution to the “New Beijing Great Olympic” strategy and the construction of innovative city. In addition to Tsinghua Overseas-Chinese-Student Entrepreneur Park, there were 5 diamond enterprises and 5 excellent enterprises established by Overseas-Chinese-Student attending the exhibition, they were: GigaDeivce Semiconductor Inc., Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd, Beijing Hailanxin Data Recording Technology Co., Ltd., Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanwang Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing ACCB Biotech Ltd, Legend Silicon(Beijing)Corporation, Innofidei Technology Corporation., Beijing CeresData, Inc., and Beijing Jiuhua Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd.