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Cooperation Signing Ceremony Is Held between TusPark and the People’s Government of Haian CountyPrint

Post Time:2008-10-02

The comprehensive cooperation signing ceremony was held in TusPark Club between TusPark and the people’s government of Haian County on Sep.03. The county magistrate, Shan Xiaoming, signed agreement with the president of TusPark, Xu Jinghong, and the general manager of Tsinghua Business incubator Co., Ltd., Qing Jun. The director assistant of Haidian District, Fu Shouqing; and the deputy director of the graduate department of Tsinghua University, Huang Sheng were present at the ceremony and expressed their congratulations.

As an important part of the radiated network strategy of TusPark, TusPark would comprehensively collaborate with the people’s government of Haian County on the planning of TusPark (Haian), development and management, incubation for medium to small size high-tech companies, training innovative talents, translation of science and technique achievements, etc.

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