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Beijing TusPark

As an organic epitaxy for Tsinghua University to serve the society and an important platform to promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements, TusPark sets “building a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship, paving a road for opportunities and success as well as constructing a bridge for science and economy” as its mission. And it has developed into a world-class university sci-tech park upon approximately twenty years of exploration and practice.

Beijing TusPark locates at the southeast corner of Tsinghua University and the core area of Zhongguancun Science Park. It owns a construction area of 770,000m2 and involves over 400 enterprises and institutions. At present, TusPark has established a network that stretches to nearly 20 cities and regions all over the country. It gathers more than 1,000 sci-tech enterprises and R&D institutions and then gradually forms a complete park composed of various institutions, such as hi-tech enterprise innovation cluster, multinational enterprise R&D institution cluster, financial investment institution cluster and intermediary service institution cluster. Beijing TusPark is a university sci-tech park owning the fastest construction speed, best enterprise quality and most perfect innovation service system in Zhongguancun Science Park and it enjoys a high reputation among international sci-tech parks. 

As an important carrier for the State to carry out self-dependent strategies, TusPark has formulated the three strategies of “internationalization, supporting platform and eradiating development”. With “congregation, polymerization, focalization and achievement” as development mode, TusPark integrates multiple innovation resources including “government, industry, university, research, finance, intermediary, trade and media”, then tries to create an excellent sci-tech innovation and entrepreneurial environment and provides complete value-added services to innovative sci-tech enterprises. Upon nearly twenty years’ exploration and practice to the soft environmental construction of sci-tech innovation, TusPark has formed the theoretical system, operation mode and park culture with its own characteristics and also achieved fruitful results in promoting regional self-dependent innovation, building industry-university-research cooperation platform, promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements and cultivating startup enterprises. Many self-dependent innovation technologies inside TusPark have reached world-leading level and many enterprises that have been cultivated in the park have already grown to industry leaders. 

Guided by the overall target of “devoting to becoming China’s leader and world’s model in sci-tech service industry”, relying on sci-tech park & new urbanization platform, financial assets management platform and innovation research & consultation platform, TusPark’s builder and operator - TusHoldings have gradually formed a business structure that integrates real estate, finance, hotel, industry, education and media. And it has become a sci-tech service provider owning abundant experience, wisdom and comprehensive service ability.  

At the same time, TusHoldings also devotes to both sci-tech innovation and urbanization and then builds an innovation service system with sci-tech park as carrier to stretch the mode of TusPark to the whole country organically, so as to enhance regional innovation capacity, contribute to regional economic and technological development as well as contribute to the construction of an innovation country. 

TusPark: Limited Space for Unlimited Dream 

For more information about Beijing TusPark, please click http://www.spmember.com/. 

Update Time:2015-12-09