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TusStar Mobile Internet Professional Incubator 

Relying on Tsinghua University’s solid technical strength and industrial resources in the fields of IT and mobile internet, TusStar Mobile Internet Professional Incubator integrates relevant comprehensive resources to build a mobile internet industrial incubation base. It cooperates with Huawei and China Mobile to introduce advanced technologies for deep incubation and rapid growth. 

Address: G05, Tower C, S&T Building, Beijing TusPark 

Incubation area: 700m2 

TusStar Nanometer Professional Incubator 

TusStar Nanometer Professional Incubator is a nanotechnology incubation base set under the support of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission. With nanotechnology industry as the key direction of incubation, TusStar Nanometer Professional Incubator aggregates nanotechnology results, establishes entrepreneurship incubation platform and connects to industrialization channels, so as to further perfect Beijing nanotechnology industrialization chain. 

Address: Floor 9, Tower B, University-Research Building, Beijing TusPark 

Incubation area: 300m2 

TusStar Energy-conservation and Environment-protection Professional Incubator (Beijing) 

TusStar Energy-conservation and Environment-protection Professional Incubator (Beijing) is an incubation base specially customized by TusPark Business Incubator for hi-tech enterprises of environment-protection industry. As an energy-conservation and environment-protection incubation base of TusPark, it owns over 30 enterprises engaged in environmental protection, including Tsinghua Solar and Yadu. It is an ideal park for environmental protection business projects. 

Address: Innovation Square, No. 2, Jingshuyuan Road, Haidian, Beijing 

Incubation area: 6,500m2 

TusStar Internet Finance Professional Incubator 

As an incubation base commonly built by TusPark Business Incubator and Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance, TusStar Internet Finance Professional Incubator will make full use of existing industrial agglomeration advantages owned by TusPark, give full play to the subject and training advantages of PBC School of Finance at finance industry, so as to assist the finance industry of Beijing and even the whole country to flourish and then to guide the pioneering boom of nationwide internet finance industry. 

Address: G05, Tower D, S&T Building, Beijing TusPark 

Incubation area: 700m2 

Update Time:2015-12-09