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TusStar Energy-conservation and Environment-protection Professional Incubator (Nanjing) is a Nanjing Kirin implementation project for “one-brand in two cities” commonly built by TusPark Business Incubator and Jiangsu TusPark. TusPark Business Incubator transports the mature incubation operation system, environmental protection project library, IT support system and some other resources to Nanjing and forms its influence in the field of incubator. Making use of regional advantages and local policy advantages, Jiangsu TusPark congregates nationwide environmental entrepreneurial projects and then cultivates a batch of outstanding pioneering enterprises engaged in environmental protection industry with professional technical service, extensive financial resources and advanced incubation system. 

Address: High-rise, Phase I of Tus-Kirin Low-carbon Intelligent Industrial Park, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province 

Incubation area: 20,000m2 

Update Time:2015-12-09