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Tus-Financial Investment Co., Ltd.

Tus-Financial Investment Co., Ltd. is commonly contributed by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Lixin Baijun Investment Management Co., Ltd. under China Private Ventures Ltd. with registered capital of RMB 200 million for the first phase. 

As one of the four business sections under TusHoldings, Tus-Financial Investment Co., Ltd. will integrate the financial business resources of Tus-Holdings and China Private Ventures to develop various asset management businesses, actively develop financial innovation, comprehensively expand and practice sci-tech finance and cultural finance as well as some other financial businesses that meet national newly-emerging strategic development. In accordance with Tsinghua University industrial group guides sci-tech investment development and then fulfills the tradition and work style of industrial financial innovation, Tus-Financial arranges stock rights, creditor’s rights and many asset management platforms to create a diversified, multilevel and multichannel financial service system, so as to offer all-round smart financing services to different stages of enterprise growth. 

Tus-Financial’s business range includes venture capital fund management, real estate fund management, culture fund management, securities investment fund management, creditor’s rights fund management, finance lease, etc. 

Update Time:2018-09-07