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Tus-Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Tus-Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is a foreign joint venture and financing leasing enterprise commonly contributed by Tus-Financial Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yijian Group upon the approval of Ministry of Commerce with registered capital of USD 28 million. Tus-Financial Leasing mainly engages in financial leasing business, operation leasing business, purchasing leased assets in China and at abroad, disposition & maintenance for residual value of leased assets, consultation & guarantee of leasing transactions, etc. 

As a financial platform that serves shareholders’ main businesses, the company will mainly expand newly emerging industrial markets like energy-conservation, environmental-protection, high-end equipment manufacture and municipal infrastructure and then provide cross-border structuring financial leasing services based on shareholders’ business structures; then try intermediate businesses while developing traditional businesses to provide professionalized and customized financial solutions and other value-added services to extensive small and middle-sized enterprises and sci-tech enterprises. The company will devote to providing customized one-stop financial service solutions to customers through financial leasing and other value-added services. 

Management team of the company possesses a relatively long financial leasing experience. Team members know relevant knowledge of the fields like laws, accounting and taxation related to the industry, are skillful in scheme design and analysis of leasing program and then own rich business negotiation experience and strong risk control ability. 
At present, the company has provided financial leasing solutions to many customers, such as Tianjin Metro, Shaanxi Coal Group, Chongqing Three Gorges Textile, Solarvista Media, Warmland Technology, etc. 

Tus-Financial Leasing will integrate materials and funds financing, which makes for the State to control investment scale and direction, makes for introducing foreign capital and foreign advanced technologies and equipment, makes for the State to adjust industrial structure and realize the upgrading and updating of industrial structure and also makes for the State to realize investment expansion and stimulate consumption policies. 

Update Time:2018-09-07