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Tus Innovation Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Tus-Innovation Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Tus-Innovation” for short) is an innovation investment institution specialized in investing in early hi-tech enterprises in the industrial system of Tsinghua University. 

Relying on Tsinghua University’s strong technical background and TusPark’s experience accumulated in supporting, incubating and serving small and middle-sized enterprises, Tus-Innovation has formed its own unique style and advantages at program judgment, post-investment management and enterprise value-added services. And it invests in many extensive fields, involving IT, clean technologies, energy environmental protection, etc. 

Many famous enterprises invested and incubated by Tus-Innovation in recent years, such as Spreadtrum Communications, Sumavision, Highlander, IREAL, www.ChineseAll.com and Kalends have been listed on NASDAQ and China Growth Enterprise Market. Since its establishment, Tus-Innovation has created industry-leading return on investment to investors. Tus-Innovation has been selected as annual “Top 10 Early Venture Capital Institutions” elected by China Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment for years. 

At present, China is lying in the important period for transforming economic development mode and cultivating strategic emerging industry. Tus-Innovation will make use of its rich resources and investment experience in relevant fields to keep investing in the innovation enterprises with most innovation power and promote transformation of sci-tech achievements, so as to strive to become an innovation investment brand with largest global influence. 

Update Time:2015-12-09