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Beijing WHOSWHO Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing WHOSWHO Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a fund management company that specializes in investing in the fields related to culture media. With integration and updating of China cultural industry as entry point, the company concerns on the fields of cultural industry mainly supported by the State that develop rapidly. 

At present, the company’s fund categories mainly involve advertising program fund, international film fund, cultural tourism real estate fund, etc. And the company will keep searching the investment opportunities of relevant fields in cultural industry to obtain excessive absolute returns for investors with the help of multilevel exit channels. 

In the future, the company will also rely on shareholders’ resources and experience in relevant fields, focus on the investment opportunities of cultural industry and subdivided industries, such as publication & distribution, film & animation and internet new media derivatives and then pay attention to cultural industry and the newly emerging business types generated while integrating other relevant industries. 

The company owns an operation management team that knows much about the operations of cultural industry and capital market and then pays high attention to financial management and risk control. Its management team owns many years’ practice experience in cultural media. It has advised many enterprises for being listed and operating many funds successfully. The team members will promote business development of the company with their prudent and professional investment attitude and idea as well as their keen insight and control to cultural programs. 

Tus-Financial will assist WHOSWHO to establish a financial platform for China’s screen culture industry and then integrating its own financial resource advantages, make proper contributions to realize comprehensive prosperity of cultural undertakings and to improve overall creativity of cultural industry. 

Update Time:2015-12-09