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Kirin Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Kirin Assets Management Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive business investment and assets management institution for China’s science parks initiated by Tus-Financial Group. 

With RMB private equity fund as its main business, Kirin’s product system also includes USD and offshore RMB funds. Based on the high-quality resources and programs possessed by TusHoldings, combining efficient teams with international view and local experience and supported by professional assets management, Kirin Assets Management Co., Ltd. gives play to capital leverage effect to maximize fund income and then step in investing in the programs with policy and cost advantages as well as high-quality robustness. 

Kirin Assets devotes to providing high-quality assets management and investment management consultancy services. At present, the company has put the supporting programs of a certain new energy park in South China into practice and actively boosted a certain sci-tech production base in Tianjin. 

CEO of Kirin Assets, Mr. Feng Ren used to serve AIG Global Real Estate, Huasheng Top Spring Fund and Arch Capital successively; he has engaged in real estate industry for recent 20 years; and he owns rich experience in field investment, project development, purchase and sales, assets management and supporting facilities planning, etc. Main members of Kirin Assets own 10 years’ professional management experience in the fields of private equity investment and assets management in average. Its team members come from overseas famous private equity funds, house enterprises, investment banks and relevant industries. Kirin Assets devotes to supporting the construction development of science parks with multilevel financial means and diversified financing modes and then tries to make asset securitization for the listing of science parks and make endeavor to become a pioneer for diversified financial development. 

Update Time:2015-12-09