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Nanjing Tus-Kaifa Investment Management Center

Nanjing Tus-Kaifa Investment Management Center is a fund management company that specializes in investment of the fields related to environmental protection industry. The company will set the integration updating of China’s environmental protection industry as entry point, then rely on shareholders’ professional resources and industrial experience of relevant fields and focus on the fields of environmental protection industry that are mainly supported by the State and develop rapidly, including the industries, such as environmental protection (water treatment, air pollution control and soil remediation), energy conservation & emission reduction and clean energy as well as the fields like R&D, production, sales, technology and service related to the above industries. 

Company’s management team owns deep industrial background, investment experience, resource integration and capital operating capacity, which could make clear judgments on the resources, technologies, industrial chains, policies and subsequent development trends of China’s environmental protection and clean energy industries; then relies on the rich industry practical experience, friend-sourcing and foreign cooperation channels to help many enterprises to be listed and operate many funds successfully. The management team will keep adopting its prudent and professional investment attitude and idea as well as its keen insight and control force to environmental protection programs, so as to further push business development of the company, keep finding investment opportunities for the fields related to environmental protection industry constantly, obtain excessive absolute returns for investors with the help of multilevel exit channels and maximize fund income. 

Combining the high-performance team with international view and local experience, supported by its own resource advantages, Tus-Financial will assist Nanjing Tus-Kaifa Investment Management Center to invest a batch of domestic excellent environmental protection and new energy enterprises, so as to make proper contributions to the development of national environmental protection industry. 

Update Time:2015-12-09