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Tus-Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Tus-Venture originates from TusPark’s enterprise incubation and venture capital business practice. Since TusPark was initiated in 1999, when the park still needed to be incubated, it started to invest and incubate the newly established enterprises. In March 2001, predecessors of Tus-Venture - TusPark Incubator Company and Technological Assets Operation Company were started; in 2007, they were renamed as Tus-Venture. Since then, with “investment + incubation” model, Tus-Venture will focus on investing high-tech and high-growth enterprises with the strongest innovation capacity in China. 

Relying on the rich resources of Tsinghua University, Tus-Venture is an industry leading institution specialized in venture capital investment in Tsinghua University’s industrial system. In over ten years’ history of venture capital investment and enterprise incubation, Tus-Venture has completed the investment in nearly a hundred of venture capital enterprises out of nothing, from small to large and from weak to strong and also has got many returns on investment. 

At present, as domestic largest and most excellent venture capital fund management institution originates from university background, Tus-Venture is entrusted to manage several RMB funds involving Angle Investment Fund with total assets exceeding RMB 3 billion. Besides university education foundation, government’s guiding fund as well as enterprise and public institution investors, high net value individuals that agree on the long-term investment concept of Tus-Holdings also join in the investors of Tus-Holdings series funds. 

Investment orientation of Tus-Venture also includes IT, advanced manufacture, new materials, life science, clean technologies, cultural media and modern service industry, and it also has accumulated rich resources and investment experience in these aspects. 

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