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Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.

Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. is a listed company on Shenzhen main board (stock code: 000826). It keeps devoting to wastes recycling and sustainable development of environmental resources for a long time. Main businesses of the company involve many fields, such as solid waste treatment system integration, R&D, manufacture and sales of environmental protection equipment and sanitation special vehicle, urban and rural sanitation integration, renewable resources recovery and utilization, municipal water supply to specific regions and investment operation services of sewage treatment project. The company has won “Top 10 Influential Enterprises in Solid Wastes Industry”, “China Top 100 Grown Listed Companies” and “Top 100 Gold Bull Listed Companies “for many consecutive years. 

In April 2015, Sound Group has reached strategic cooperations with Tus-Holdings, Tus-S&T Service, Tus-Holdings Assets, and Jinxin Huachuang. Tus-S&T Service becomes the first majority shareholder and its rich strength has laid a solid foundation for future development of the company. At present, the company holds Hubei Eguard Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Sound New Sanitation Investment Co., Ltd. and Sound (Tianjin) Renewable Resources Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. 

Integrating investment, R&D, consultation, design, construction, operation and equipment manufacture, Tus-Sound Environment owns a perfect industrial chain and it could provide all-round “one-stop” services and integrated environmental solutions to customers in the field of solid waste treatment. At present, businesses of the company involve domestic waste treatment, kitchen waste treatment, municipal sludge treatment, hazardous waste treatment, environmental modification, etc. And the company has become the leader of many market segments. The R&D and manufacture base for large environmental protection equipment and sanitation special vehicles invested to be built in Xianning, Hubei has further perfected industrial chain of the company, which has intensified its core competitiveness. And the Changzhutan Venous Industrial Park under implementation enjoys organic integration with urban construction, which has fully carried out the “five-in-one” construction overall layout spirit about economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization to raise China’s urban environmental construction to a higher level. 

In 2013, the company actively arranges urban-rural sanitation integration, renewable resources recovery and utilization as well as some other market fields. It devotes to generalizing wise sanitation, then building perfect waste collection terminal and digital intelligent network collection and transportation system and then also rapidly enlarging sanitation business scale upon merger and cooperation. 

Complying with sci-tech and era development trend, Tus-Sound makes use of internet technology to serve renewable resource industry and build online and offline renewable resource industrial distribution; then with the help of some modern technologies like mobile internet, big data, Internet of Things and cloud platform, it allows online platform and offline platform to exchange to generate system effect and integrate information flow, capital flow and material flow, so as to form a complete renewable resource industrial chain ecosystem. The establishment of Sound Renewable Resources makes Tus-Sound have completed the preliminary layout of renewable resource block and then entered into rapid development channel. 

For environment, be endless. Tus-Sound will keep the core value of sustainable innovation, pursuit of perfection, integrity and responsibility to create excellent value for the society, so as to make the company become a first-rate international, modern and professional integrated environment service provider rapidly. 

Update Time:2015-12-10