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Unisplendour Corporation Limited

Unisplendour Corporation Limited under TusHoldings is a hi-tech A-share listed company that mainly engages in electronic information industry (Stock Abbr.: UNIS, Stock Code: 000938). 

In 1988, Tsinghua University Sci-Tech General Company established and it was the first comprehensive school-run enterprise set up by Tsinghua University to accelerate the industrialization of sci-tech achievements and it was also the predecessor of Unisplendour. In 1993, Tsinghua University Sci-Tech General Company was renamed as Tsinghua Unisplendour Group and “UNIS” was adopted as brand name. In 1999, Tsinghua Unisplendour Group launched Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited and it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November of that year; the company’s share price used to reach RMB 106, a record high for the Chinese stock market. In 2006, the group finished its share reform and was renamed “Unisplendour Corporation Limited”. In 2008, its trademark “UNIS” was considered to be China famous brand. 

With “brand, resource and capital” as development pivots, with “simpleness, effectiveness and health” as management theories and with “one body, two wings” as strategic framework, while properly developing the two wings “sci-tech real estate” and “sci-tech investment” evenly, Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited greatly improves its main business “sci-tech operation” to focus on IT service field, elaborately create “cloud-network-terminal” IT industry chain, comprehensively deepen the IT applications of cloud computing, mobile internet and big data process, promote the construction of smart city and assist the dream for smart China, so as to strive to become a full industrial chain service provider for the construction, operation and maintenance of modern information system and to stride forward a strong IT service platform enterprise. 

UNIS originates from Tsinghua. Relying on the comprehensive talent and sci-tech resource advantages of Tsinghua University, it realizes healthy sustainable development and its annual output value has exceeded RMB 7 billion at present. UNIS has successfully cultivated the scanner products, whose domestic sales volume ranks the first for 15 consecutive years, then software integration, intelligent transportation, modern service industry, new videotext service and some other businesses. It also has created a batch of high-quality industry companies and Sino-foreign joint ventures including UNIS Digital, UNIS Software, UNIS Jietong, Unis Document Solutions, etc. Unisplendour Corporation is a national key hi-tech enterprise and national “863 Program” achievement industrialization base. It has been listed into China Top 100 enterprises engaged in electronic information and has won over a hundred of awards like National Award for Technological Invention and Innovation Award over the years. 

With “undertaking social responsibilities and promoting sci-tech progresses” as enterprise tenet and guided by Tsinghua University’s motto “self-discipline and social commitment” and UNIS’s motto “industry, integrity, loyalty, sincerity, courtesy, generosity, agility and kindness”, UNIS makes a perfect combination of school culture and enterprise culture. In the new historical period, UNIS hopes to constantly innovate and jump to grow under the calling of “Chinese Dream” and then walk with shareholders, employees and partners hand in hand to create a brilliant future! 

Update Time:2015-12-10