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Beijing Tsinghua Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Tsinghua Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd. (“Tsinghua Solar” for short) is an industry founder, industry pusher and standard framer of China’s solar heat utilization industry. At the end of 1970s, Chief Scientist of Tsinghua Solar, Professor Yin Zhiqiang started to make researches on solar energy heat utilization technology at Tsinghua University Department of Electronic Engineering. In 1984, Professor Yin Zhiqiang invented “magnetron sputtering gradient aluminum - nitrogen/aluminum solar selective absorbing coating” to make large-scale production and commercialization application of solar energy collector tubes possible, which forced to form China’s solar energy water heater market directly and it is a good model for China’s national industry-university-research project. For over 20 years afterwards, Tsinghua Solar constantly develops and innovates this technology to make it keep at international advanced level. 

Guided by Tsinghua Solar, China’s solar heat utilization technology always keeps at international leading position. “Cinle collector tube” with “Al-N/Al” coating is praised as “Dewar·China” tube by foreign experts. In recent years, Tsinghua Solar has launched waterless tube and multilevel heat tube series new products and also has successfully developed high-end separating solar water heating system, which has opened upgrading and updating of solar water heater. 

Tsinghua Solar has established the world largest production base for full-glass evacuated collector tubes, the world first automatic production line for advanced large-scale solar water heater and large-scale production base for intelligent controllers at present. The company has fully passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. And its collector tubes have passed “EN12975” standard and Europe “Solar Key mark” certification. 

Tsinghua Solar owns the capacity for installing large-scale hot water projects and photovoltaic projects. The solar water heating system and solar lighting system have been settled down at Zhongnanhai, NPC office buildings, Beijing Military Region, Sanya Sheraton Hotel, Huilongguan Meteor Garden Community, Tsinghua University, Changping District Liucun Town and Vanke Real Estate successively. And it has been widely praised! 

Large amount of Tsinghua Solar’s products have been exported to developed countries and regions like Europe, America and Japan. It keeps the longest export history and largest export volume. Up to now, in European market, the products are marked with “TH” to indicate that “Tsinghua” products are still rewarded. 

In recent years, Tsinghua Solar has won many praises. Among the five most important national awards, Tsinghua Solar has won both “National Invention Award” and “Science and Technology Progress Award”. It also has won “The Achievement Through Action Award in Memorial of Christopher A. Weeks” granted by World Solar Congress, “Special Award for Invention and Creation” and “The Most Competitive Brand” granted by China Invention Association successively. 

After entering into 21st century, Tsinghua Solar keeps the good tradition for self-dependent innovation. In the future three to five years, solar heat utilization will be built into an all-round development trend of “heating in winter - cooling in summer - central hot water at ordinary times”, then strongly enter into many fields of solar photovoltaics, air source heat pump, industrial heat and thermal power at the same time to generate a good development prospect of comprehensive new energy utilization. Looking forward to the future, Tsinghua Solar will set comprehensive utilization of new energy as its own duty and take Tsinghua University’s motto “self-discipline and social commitment” to keep on making its own contributions for the new energy development utilization and environmental protection career in China and even the world. 

Update Time:2015-12-10