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TusPark Newsletter

TusPark Newsletter, published quarterly, is one of the few internal authoritative professional magazines oriented towards government officials and science park managers in China. Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (namely, the constructor and operator of TusPark) and Administrative Committee of Tsinghua University Science Park take charge of the publication.

After half a century of development, science park, as an important tool to drive the region economic development, has been recognized in most countries around the world. Through giving an overall view of the development trends of the domestic and foreign science parks, TusPark Newsletter aims to provide the incubator and science park constructors and managers with the latest and most typical information and trends of the global science park industry. Its columns mainly include features, TusPark trends, trends of domestic science parks, trends of foreign science parks, review of domestic and foreign government economic policy, relevant management mottos and stories, etc.


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