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Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) is the key platform for organically extending social function of Tsinghua University and transferring technological achievements of the University. As a mission, it aims at “a platform of innovation and entrepreneurship, the way towards opportunities and success as well as a bridge of technology and economy.” Through nearly twenty years of exploration and practice, it has become a world-class university-based high-tech park.

The TusPark(Beijing) is located in the southeast corner of Tsinghua University and the core area of Zhongguancun Science Park with building area of 770,000 m2 and over 600 enterprises and all kinds of institutions settling in the park. So far, TusPark has constructed a network radiating to nearly 20 cities and regions in China, gathered over 1000 scientific enterprises and R&D institutions and gradually formed a complete park composed of cluster of entrepreneurial high-tech enterprises, a cluster of multinational R&D institutions, a cluster of financial investment institutions, a cluster of intermediary service institutions, etc. The TusPark(Beijing) is university-based high-tech park with the highest construction speed, the best quality of settled enterprises and the most complete innovation service system in Zhongguancun Science Park with very high reputation in international high-tech park industry.

Today, many science and technology enterprises such as Tongfang, Unisplendour, Chengzhi already have operated their business in TusPark. Many Engineering Research Centers of Ministries and governments dealing mainly in CD,CAD,LED,etc., have also been established here. Besides, R&D centers of some multinationals such as Google、Microsoft、SUN、Schlumberger、P&G、NEC seek their development here. Institutions like Tsinghua R&D Management Department, the National Center for Technology Transfer, Beijing Tsinghua Industrial R&D Institute have been set up in the Park too.

As a key carrier of China in implementing independent innovation strategy, TusPark has formulated three major strategies, “Internationalization, Value-added service platform and Sub-Park development” with the development pattern of “Congregation, Polymerization, Focalization and Achievement”,  integrated many innovative resources from “government, industry, university, research, finance, intermediaries, trade and media", etc to create a special eco-system of remarkable scientific innovation and entrepreneurship. TusPark has provided complete value-added service to the innovative high-tech enterprises by creating the Tus-Star incubator, Tsinghua Pioneer Park and TusPark Venture.

Through nearly twenty years of exploration and practice in constructing eco-system of technological innovation, TusPark has developed its characteristic theory system, operation pattern and park culture; achieved great achievements in driving independent innovation, establishing working platform integrating industry, academy and research, promoting high-tech achievements transfer, incubating entrepreneurial enterprises, etc. In the park, many technologies of independent innovation have reached world-leading level and many successfully incubated enterprises have grown to leaders in the industry.

As the builder and operator of TusPark, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., has established its general goal, i.e. to be “the leader and global model of high-tech service industry in China. Based on the high-tech park as well as new urbanization construction platform, financial and assets management platform, innovative platform and consulting platform, it has gradually developed a business structure integrating real property, finance, hotel, industry, education, media, etc and become a high-tech service supplier of rich experience and wisdom as well as comprehensive business ability.

Meanwhile, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. is dedicated to advancing together with high-tech innovation and urbanization. It has successfully established an innovative service system with the park as entering to organically expand the pattern of TusPark to China, enhance local innovation strength and contribute to local economic and technological development as well as the construction of an innovation-oriented country.

Tsinghua University Science Park: Limited space for unlimited dream.

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