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TusHoldings comprehensively grasps the global industrial development trend and the national development orientation of emerging industries, and actively responds to such strategies as “Beautiful China” and “Digital China”. Relying on the innovation base network and financial support platforms, it has developed the industrial layout consisting of environmental protection, digital information, clean energy, health, new materials, education and training, culture and sport, and so on, has gathered a batch of industrially leading enterprises, and has effectively promoted the development of regional innovation and new economy. 

The education and training industrial platform that TusHoldings builds around Tus-Education Group, Tus-Juren, Hode Human Resources, Tus-Business School, Tus College of Digit, QiDi Middle School Attached to NPU, and Hainan Health Management Vocational and Technical College, is devoted to providing whole-life-cycle educational solutions. 
Tus-Education Group ---- It is one of the main business divisions of TusHoldings, with strategic layout for the whole industrial chains of education in such sectors as elementary education, higher education, vocational education, and educational science and technology. At present, this group consists of more than 30 sharing and holding equities , including K12 Education and Training (a leading education and training enterprise in China), MOOC platform (the largest online education platform in Asia), the largest maker space focusing on science and education in China and so on.  

Tus-Juren Education ---- It is a leading brand of education and tutorship in the field of K12 in China. Established on July 18, 1994, it is the only large-scale comprehensive primary education institution subordinate to TusHoldings. It has five sub-brands:Juren School, Juren One-to-One, Xiaojuren Tutorship, Juren Online School and Golden Lake Camp, involving education and training, educational publication and participation and so on. The subjects offered by Juren cover Chinese, English, Math, cultural and sports arts, study tour, and summer/winter camps, and more than 100 courses are available. After more than 20 years of development Tus-Juren has successively opened nearly 200 branches directly run by it in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Luoyang, and so on, and has more than 400 franchises in more than 30 large and medium-sized cities in more than 20 provinces across the country. It provides educational services for about 200,000 students each year, and has accumulatively provided services for millions of students.

Hode Human Resources ---- It is Tuspark’s executing agency of Education and Training Center.  It was established on Nov. 28, 2002, and passed the certification for high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun in August 2009. Relying on the teaching and research talents of Tsinghua University, it provides services for various social organizations, especially large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, including corporate internal training, talent appraisal, human resources service and enterprise consulting service, by virtue of its professional planning and management of training system, innovative training concepts, and precise education attitude. 

Tus Business School ---- Following the school motto of “learning for use, knowledge for practice”, it actively builds a TusPark without bounding wall and shares the experiences and achievements of TusHoldings in innovation and entrepreneurship in terms of implementing national strategy of innovation driven development, undertaking social responsibilities and promoting regional economic development. At present, this school is designated by the Central Party School of the CPC as its innovation training base, and designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the education and training institution for the 61 pilot innovative cities in China. In April 2016, it established together with Yunnan University the “Tus Business School of Yunnan University”, which is qualified to confer bachelor, master and doctor degrees and aims to drive the regional economic development of Yunnan as well as to support Yunnan to become a radiation center in the field of economy and trade, science and technology, and humanities and culture that faces the South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The QiDi Middle School Attached to NPU ---- It is a non-governmental full-time middle school approved by the education bureau of Xianyang City and jointly established by TusPark Shaanxi Co., Ltd. and Northwestern Polytechnical University with total investment of RMB 130 million, characterized by high investment, high standard, high start point and high quality. This school is located in the middle section of Century Road, Xianyang City, with advantageous position and convenient traffic conditions, and with a coverage of more than 100 mu and total building area of more than 50,000m2. It takes the tenet of “developing genius and creating future”, and follows the educational path of internationalization and characterization. It has made the record of “seven consecutive champions” in senior high school entrance exam of the whole city, and its students won No. 1 in senior high school entrance exam for four consecutive years. 

Hainan Health Management Vocational and Technical College ---- It is the first health management vocational and technical college set up separately and run by social force in China, established with the supports from the Ministry of Education and approval by the provincial government of Hainan, and jointly run by China Institute for Reform and Development and TusHoldings. This college is located in Chengmai County, a county of Hainan famous for longevity, and has a coverage of more than 150 mu, devoted to fostering technical and skillful talents in the sector of health management. At present, it has built long-term cooperation with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, which ranks first in Taiwan, and has reached cooperation intentions with many health management enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Taiwan, so as to provide students with better opportunities of learning, advanced study and vocational development by integrating domestic and overseas high-quality educational and industrial resources. 

Tus College of Digit ---- Following the school motto of “intelligence and innovation”, it is designated to create “the incubator for digital talent education, the connector for digital industrial city integration, the accelerator for the Digital China strategy”, takes the mission of “fostering digital talents and serving Digital China”, and builds a three-in-one O2O innovative education platform that integrates “teaching and training, scientific research services, and innovation and entrepreneurship”. It makes efforts to become a service oriented, applied, digital and open college with clear features in digital field, remarkable social benefits and satisfied by the people.