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TusHoldings comprehensively grasps the global industrial development trend and the national development orientation of emerging industries, and actively responds to such strategies as “Beautiful China” and “Digital China”. Relying on the innovation base network and financial support platforms, it has developed the industrial layout consisting of environmental protection, digital information, clean energy, health, new materials, education and training, culture and sport, and so on, has gathered a batch of industrially leading enterprises, and has effectively promoted the development of regional innovation and new economy. 

The clean energy industrial platform that TusHoldings builds around Tus-Clean Energy Group, Tsinghua Solar, Tustsingyun Energy, Tus-OPTIM, HE-Energy, Nowva Energy, Raising Group and others, is devoted to building a clean energy ecological circle in China relying on integration of technologies and capital.

Tus-Clean Energy ---- It is making efforts to become a clean energy service provider that masters globally advanced energy technologies. In the aspect of clean thermal energy, it focuses on clean coal combustion and heat supply, centralized clean heat supply in city, industrial clean heat supply, photothermal utilization of solar energy and coal-to-electricity transformation, intelligent heat supply pipeline optimization, comprehensive utilization of residual heat, gas based heat supply and system operation and maintenance; In the aspect of clean electric energy, it focuses on the development and construction of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and photothermal power generation, integrated storage system of wind energy and light energy, construction of multi-energy complex power generation plant, compressed air based energy storage technology, fused salt based energy storage system, and development, construction, operation and maintenance of micro power grid and micro energy network; In the aspect of clean motive power, it mainly focuses on biological diesel oil and motive power battery; In the aspect of clean energy fund, it makes efforts to build a professional industrial fund management platform, and has completed the construction and investment of Tus-Raising Equity Investment Fund and Tsingyun Solar Photovoltaic Industrial Fund. 

Tsinghua Solar ---- It is an industrial founder, promoter and standard formulator in the field of photothermal utilization of solar energy in China. Relying on the strong technological background of Tsinghua University, and by virtue of its core technologies in clean energy, Tsinghua Solar has developed products covering household and commercial hot water, heating and refrigeration, regional heat supply, industrial and agricultural heat supply, solar photothermal power generation, and so on. With a registered capital of RMB 60 million, Tsinghua Solar has sound corporate governance structure and reasonable shareholder behaviors, so that it is a standard modernized enterprise.

Tustsingyun Energy ---- It is a leader of distributed green energy in China and a national high-tech enterprise. It is mainly engaged in development, investment, construction and operation of distributed photovoltaic system and micro grid, management and trading of electric power demand, and provision of integrated solutions of intelligent energy system. Based on the Solarule integrated solution developed by it with its own intellectual property, and relying on diversified financial instruments such as fund, green bonds and financial leasing, it provides intelligent green power energy for intra-group customers, government sponsored parks, and enterprises engaged in urban emission reduction and environmental protection facilities. The business scope of Tustsingyun involves more than ten sectors, including food, automobile, tobacco, metallurgy, water, culture and entertainment, real estate, and science and technology. The total installed capacity of its photovoltaic business has exceeded 700MW, and the capacity of its reserved new projects is up to 3.2GW. The installed capacity of Solarule has exceeded 1GW.

Tus-OPTIM ---- With professional TrendSys platform and EMS management system, and relying on the research findings of Tsinghua University, it brings into full play the brand advantages and focuses on investment, operation and R&D of clean energy system in thermodynamic field. In the field of centralized heat supply, it has core advanced technologies, and is leading in China in terms of thermodynamic equilibrium calculation, super-clean emission technology, long-distance transmission, operation under high temperature difference, and energy storage technologies. Through PPP project developed together with local governments, it provides services for civil users, industrial users and other users, provides intelligent energy solutions for cities, and promotes technological innovation and industrial integration. 

HE-Energy ---- It is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by Tus-Clean Energy Group and Beijing State-owned Assets Group. It takes thermal pump technologies as the core technology, comprehensively develops and utilizes many kinds of low grade energy (air energy, terrestrial heat energy, residual heat energy, etc.), and provides clean heating (refrigeration) services for cities. It is a technologically leading comprehensive supplier of new energy services. The products and energy services of this company are widely provided all over the country, and the building area of the new energy systems invested and run by it has exceeded 10 million square meters.

Nowva Energy ---- Established in 2007, it is a national high-tech enterprise and a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun. It is working closely with Tsinghua University, and has developed 34 core patent technologies. Nowva Energy has been devoted to development of clean energy and solid waste recycling technologies and implementation of relevant projects. It has obtained boiler manufacture license in Hebei and set up a core equipment manufacture base, that is Hebei Nowva Boiler Co., Ltd., which has complete processing equipment and technical personnel. Nowva Energy persists in the tenet of clean combustion and ultra low emission, and makes efforts to make contributions to the development of green economy as well as energy saving and emission reduction undertaking in China.