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TusHoldings comprehensively grasps the global industrial development trend and the national development orientation of emerging industries, and actively responds to such strategies as “Beautiful China” and “Digital China”. Relying on the innovation base network and financial support platforms, it has developed the industrial layout consisting of environmental protection, digital information, clean energy, health, new materials, education and training, culture and sport, and so on, has gathered a batch of industrially leading enterprises, and has effectively promoted the development of regional innovation and new economy. 

The massive health industry platform that TusHoldings builds around Tus-Guhan, Jiangxi Caoshanhu, ACCB Biotech, and Yongfeng Pharmaceutical, is leading the development of the health industry of China. 

Tus-Guhan ---- Established in 1956, it has been listed in the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company is committed to research and development of traditional Chinese     recipes, proved recipes, western medicine preparations and biological products. It is one of the top 50 enterprises in TCM industry in China, and the brand “Guhan” is a national well-known brand. 

Jiangxi Caoshanhu ---- Established in 1958, it is the largest toothpaste manufacturer in the central area, and a leading enterprise in the light industry of Jiangxi Province. Focusing on the massive health industry, it has set strategic layouts for oral care and health products. Caoshanhu- toothpaste, core product of this company, is one of the earliest daily chemical products in China that realized industrialization and market oriented development of the medicinal herb “sarcandra glabra ”. It has a toothpaste production history of nearly 60 years so far. The company has successively applied seven national patents, won five provincial or municipal scientific and technological progress awards and more than twenty excellent new product awards. 

ACCB Biotech ---- Established in 2004, it is a national high-tech enterprise and the first enterprise in China that focused on development and production of molecular diagnostics for precision medicine of tumor individual treatment , and also the first enterprise in China that obtained both the qualification for medical device production and the qualification for medical testing. It ranks top in the industry in terms of market share and sales volume.

Yongfeng Pharmaceutical ---- Established in 1976, it is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in development of traditional Chinese medicine patent prescription for digestive system and respiratory passage of children. It has a provincial famous brand, namely “Ludi”.