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TusHoldings comprehensively grasps the global industrial development trend and the national development orientation of emerging industries, and actively responds to such strategies as “Beautiful China” and “Digital China”. Relying on the innovation base network and financial support platforms, it has developed the industrial layout consisting of environmental protection, digital information, clean energy, health, new materials, education and training, culture and sport, and so on, has gathered a batch of industrially leading enterprises, and has effectively promoted the development of regional innovation and new economy. 

The new material industrial platform that TusHoldings builds around Tus-Material Group and Tus-Qingyuan, aims to become a “foundation stone” of the “heavy technology” for the industrial development of Tshinghua and to make contributions to the strong scientific and technological country program of China.

Tus-Material Group ---- It was jointly established by many business divisions of TusHoldings based on a capital link mechanism. Guided by national strategies and based on the innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system of TusHoldings, it utilizes R&D economy to directly promote the industrial upgrading and economic development. 

Tus-Qingyuan---- It is a pioneer enterprise of TusHoldings in scientific and technological innovation in the field of energy saving and environmental friendly new materials. Located in TusPark Caohejing in Shanghai, it is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and production of membrane separation products, in the application and development of technological processes, and in the provision of engineering solutions. It is a leader in membrane separation product R&D and its application evolution in China. This company has built strong R&D teams and complete research systems in Shanghai, and is able to conduct water quality analysis, small-scale test and pilot-scale test and to develop applications of membrane separation technologies in such fields as sea water desalting, material separation and concentration, municipal works, reclaimed water utilization, zero-emission process, and industrial water treatment.