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TusHoldings comprehensively grasps the global industrial development trend and the national development orientation of emerging industries, and actively responds to such strategies as “Beautiful China” and “Digital China”. Relying on the innovation base network and financial support platforms, it has developed the industrial layout consisting of environmental protection, digital information, clean energy, health, new materials, education and training, culture and sport, and so on, has gathered a batch of industrially leading enterprises, and has effectively promoted the development of regional innovation and new economy. 

The digital industrial city development platform that TusHoldings builds around Tus-Digital Group, 21Vianet Group, NationSky, Tus-Digital World, and Rice Microelectronics, is an important carrier for TusHoldings to promote the implementation of the “Digital China” strategy.

Tus-Digital Group ---- It is the main implementer of the digital strategy of TusHoldings, responsible for equity investment into digital industries and operation and investment of digital industrial city. This group takes the development direction of “platformization, clusterization and digitalization” as their development direction, and uses the strategic mode of “1+X”. It quickly develops several core digital capacities (X) such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, network security, and new generation of network infrastructures by means of “incubation + investment + merger & acquisition + union”. Meanwhile, relying on the global clustering innovation network of TusHoldings, it builds cross-industry and cross-region integrated big data operation and serviced platform of city level, and develops the new mode of “digital industrial city” that integrates “digitalized industry, smart city and digitalized park” to promote the development of TusHoldings and its global innovation network. It makes efforts to promote the construction of digital China and the development of digital economy, and is devoted to becoming a leading scientific and technological service provider for digital industrial cities in China.

21Vianet Group ---- Listed in NASDAQ in USA, it is a globally influential network space and infrastructure service provider, and also the largest third party independent data center operator in China, taking a market share of 10.5% and ranking No. 1 among the third party IDC service providers and cloud service providers in China in 2015. This company has nearly 20 years of experience in data center construction, operation and maintenance, and has so far run more than 80 distributed data centers in more than 30 cities in China. Based on cooperation with famous domestic cloud enterprises, it provides state-owned enterprises and governments with safe and customized hybrid IT solutions.

NationSky ---- It is the first manufacturer of enterprise mobile management (EMM) platform with own intellectual property in China. As a domestically leading innovative smart city solution provider, NationSky has successfully built a unified cloud platform of innovative smart cities by virtue of its rich experience in mobile technology, big data and information security accumulated in decades, and is providing complete digital park, digital living, digital government affair and digital industry related services based on this platform. 

Tus-Digital World ---- As a pioneer in the field of VR application in China, it develops standardized virtual reality solutions by such means as industry-city integration, innovative services and smart application, builds virtual zoo industrial chains centering on the “Kingdom of Beasts”, and constructs characteristic whole-industry ecological circle of VR application. The business of this company covers four segments:high-tech products and solutions, Internet platform, and digital industrial city.

Rice Microelectronics ---- It is an integrated circuit design enterprise focusing on RFID chips for the Internet of Things. It develops its own safe core chips of the Internet of Things, and is devoted to providing a “digital ID card” for each thing in the Internet of Things, providing reliable big data support for smart city applications by means of mobile terminal and cloud computing technologies, and leading the application of domestically made chips in such fields as food/drug traceability and logistics, asset management, food/drug management, and smart transport tickets and the innovation of core technologies.

Tus-Wanwei ---- It mainly provides solutions and services for mobile big data industries. Based on the data collected by mobile terminals and equipment in the Internet of Things, and in combination with the business needs of government, army, armed police and industrial customers, it provides big data operation services using Apps and channels.

Tus Cyber Security ---- It is a platform company built by TusHoldings using its advantageous educational resources, scientific research resources and industrial resources in accordance with the directions of the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on strengthening network security construction, aiming to promote the planning and construction of national network security park in Wuhan and to help Wuhan Airport Economic Zone in building the “National Network Security Talent and Industry Base”.